Frequently Asked Questions

Since when has the Society been in existence?

What other works of art have been erected by the Society?
None so far. A few projects were not carried out as we were not able to get planning permission for them (e.g. Donauinsel, Schwedenplatz, Europaplatz). We are planning to erect more monuments.

Who is behind this Society?
Founded by the then parish priest of Kahlenbergerdörfl in Vienna the present Auxiliary Bishop of Salzburg - Dr Andreas Laun
Members include, among others, Prinz Gundakar von und zu Liechtenstein (Chairman of the Society), Gregor Henckel-Donnersmarck OC, Abbot of Heiligenkeuz and Dipl. Ing Wolfgang Zehetner, Architect in St. Stephen´s Cathedral, Vienna.

Are the members of the board religiously motivated?

With what in short does the Society concern itself?
No one should be forced into being committed to a specific religion. This freedom for individuals is the basis for peace. No coercion by others, but the duty to seek God.

Why a French artist?
Because the proposal put forward by Philipp Lejeune won the internationally announced competition.

Where can an enlargement of the picture be viewed?
An original-sized version can be seen at the planned location at Heiligenkreuz . Other photos are, of course, on our website.

Why is the picture being erected in Heiligenkreuz?
The monastery is interested in the monument, with regards both to content as well as for ethical reasons. The actual location is in front of the Badener Tor to the south of the monastery. The work of art should also be understood to be a "timeless sundial".

When will the monument be erected?
As soon as enough funds have been raised.

What happens to these funds if the picture isn´t erected?
In this case, money coming from known donors will be refunded. Should an alternative regarding the location or the materials used arise, we will ask the donors if they agree to it.

Does the Society have enough capital?
No, but it has pledges from several potential donors. We are still very short of funds for the monument at Heiligenkreuz. That is why we are asking for your contributions.

Who owns the monument belong once it has been erected?
The Monastery of Heiligenkreuz. There will be an agreement between the Society and the Monastery to regulate care and maintenance.

Who should pay for the maintenance of the monument?
On principle, the monastery. We do not anticipate large expenses.

Why should someone give money to such a cause when church scandals are being made public?
Every case of sexual abuse in church institutions is a grave sin. In particular, the breach of trust and the resulting problems for the victims which continue for many years are a scandal. But there aren´t so many cases, thank God, when one considers how many young people have received an outstanding education from the church or when one makes a comparison with other institutions.

Shouldnt one donate to some other cause, e.g. to the poor and infirm?
Certainly. The poor and infirm need our help. The monument should, however, through helping, contribute to peace and therefore prevent hardships ensuing from conflicts.