The point of having monuments
Man´s living spaces should not be limited to functionality. If they are to be truly humane they also need beauty and a symbol of mans appreciation of the meaning of life.

These convictions, among others, form the basis of the idea to erect a monument to Freedom of Religion and Belief; a site which inspires people to reflect.

Man is a seeker of truth. His desire for truth is particularly strong when he questions of the meaning of life. His conscience obliges him to seek truth, to adhere to it and to live according to it.

The best way for a person to fulfill his obligations to this vertical commitment to truth is for him to be free from any form of coercion from his social environment, the horizontal plane; he should seek truth, but only in freedom!

Human Dignity
This right to freedom is founded on the innate dignity of man which makes him independent of every other given attribute.

The Human right to freedom of religion and belief
The clearest formulation of this right owes its existence to the fathers of the Second Vatican Council. Hardly any other ecclesiastic text found as much international accordance as this document. In the same way, the monument meets todays requirements and is ahead of its time.

The worldwide recognition of this basic right excludes racial discrimination, religious wars and the persecution of dissidents.