A talent bestowed by the creator and emanating from the strivings of man, art is a form of wisdom. Art unites knowledge and craftsmanship to give form to the truth of a reality in a language understood by seeing and hearing.

Truth is inherently beautiful. For rational people it is essential. When things which have to be said that are not possible to express in words, it is truth that finds an alternative means of expression, that is, in the beauty of art.

Because man was created in the likeness of God, he can also express the truth of his relationship with God, the creator, through the beauty of his works of art.

Based on this deliberation, several likeminded people founded "Verein Moderner Sakralbau" in 1991 with the intention of supporting religiously inspired works of art, both ideationally and financially.
The Society instigates, sponsors, supports or carries out projects which serves this aim, be they in the realm of painting, sculpture, architecture or music.

If you would like to receive further information or become an active member, please contact the Societys office.

Presiding over the Verein are:

Prince Gundakar von und zu Liechtenstein Chairman:
Prince Gundakar von und zu Liechtenstein
Dr. Andreas Laun, Auxiliary Bischop of Salzburg Deputy Chairman:
Dr. Andreas Laun, Auxiliary Bischop